The 10 commandments of Wild Beets

Moses came down from the mountain with 15 commandments hammered into clay panels but then he dropped one and we only ended up with 10. In the Internet age there is no chance of dropping anything. So, here is the Wild Beets Commandments. Want to be healthy? Ditch the labels, follow the commandments.

1. Eat more plants

2. Eat healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, seed oils, walnut oils

3. Don’t eat canola or sunflower oil, corn oil, rapeseed oil or soy oil

4. Avoid sugars of all kinds or use very sparingly

5. Minimise grains

6. No GMO

7. Don’t count calories

8. Eat local, seasonal and organic whenever you can

9. Eat food in its most unprocessed form

10. Don’t eat out of a packet

11. Eat more plants!

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” Michael Pollan