Cliff Grubin

A perpetual traveller, Cliff Grubin has circumnavigated the world several times. He hasn’t always been a healthy person; in fact, you could say Cliff has seen the dark side of life on more than one occasion. At some point, though, a realisation that you only get one ride on the carousel led Cliff towards what has turned into a lifelong obsession with good food and good health.

Cliff likes to spend his time reading scientific papers the same way others read novels. A voracious consumer of ideas he keeps well informed on the latest research in many fields, especially in food and health. Years of thought provoking experiences eventually lead him to put down some roots in Ibiza where he opened Sejuiced at Benirras Beach – the island’s first juice bar where customers have been enjoying healthful and delicious juices and smoothies for over ten years.

Wanting to take juicing a step further Cliff then founded iPurify, a series of juice cleanses designed to promote healing and health.

This extensive journey culminated in the founding of Wild Beets where all of Cliff’s passion and knowledge converge in one place.